European roulette wheel and the US roulette wheel

Before you start playing, whether in a ‘bricks and mortar’ casino or an online casino like or even a , you should find out whether you are playing on a European wheel or an American one. The European wheel has 37 slots where the ball can land, whereas the American one has 38 numbers because it has a double zero as well as a zero. Because of this extra slot, the house edge increases to 5.26 per cent. The house edge is the casino profit from the player’s original bet. When playing on the European wheel the house edge is 2.63 per cent. This is a fairly clear indication that it is much wiser for a player to play on a European roulette wheel.

The table

The table will look pretty much the same whichever wheel you’re using, with the slight variation of the double zero being accounted for on the felt. There are two betting areas – the inside betting area and the outside area which is the The inside area has all of the individual numbers. It is arranged in 12 rows of three numbers, so essentially three vertical columns. The zero or double zero are found at the top of the columns. The outside area has boxes for whether you are betting red/black or odd/even and also the different number groups you can bet on.



As with all gambling, you have to buy in order to play, fairly obviously you buy roulette chips. Often each player on the table will receive different colour chips so everyone knows whose chips are whose. It could get confusing otherwise trying to work out whose is whose and you might miss out on winnings that are yours. If the ball lands on your number then you win and can then cash in your new roulette chips. You can leave the game at any point. For more information on the bets you can make, please refer to our betting page. As with poker, all tables have a minimum and maximum bet you can make. For more information visit the website.


Money Management

The Real Life Roulette Winners

Roulette has gained a rather glamorous reputation over the years, but so has the idea of swindling the online kaszinó. We thought we’d give you the low down on some real-life roulette exploits that will amaze and confound you.

Derren Brown

In 2009, the British illusionist Derren Brown pulled off a roulette stunt as part of his ‘The Events’ TV series – check this out at or the website. In the show he bet £5,000 which belonged to a member of the public on a table in Europe. The events were shown live via a secret camera he had hidden in his sleeve. The idea was that he could use the laws of physics to predict where the ball would land, looking at the speed of the wheel and the ball. Unfortunately he didn’t pull it off, he placed his bet on number 8 and the ball finally landed on 30. This wasn’t so bad however, it is just one place out.


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